A melting pot of cultures and experiences has shaped who I am today. Of Chinese heritage with roots in Jamaica, I was raised in Toronto, Canada. Recently living in Los Angeles, California for a year, then Vancouver, British Columbia, I've since been living and working for the past few years in Wellington, New Zealand. Interested in anything artistic, creative and "hands on" since a small child, I somehow ended up getting a 4 year Honours Degree in Economics, with a Minor in Business Administration. After a few years in the work force outside any creative realms, I grew tired of the objectivity of the numbers world so I re-enrolled into a 1 year program for Computer Animation and have been in that industry ever since. Computer Animation and Digital Visual Effects for feature film has taken me around the globe to where I find myself today.

No stranger to cameras growing up, my father was an avid hobbyist photographer, however I didn't take interest until a late age. With no formal lessons or real knowledge of photography, I purchased my first DSLR camera after arriving in New Zealand, intent on shooting "proper" photos of this beautiful country. Surrounded by fellow photographers at work my interest soon turned into mild obsession. Eventually I was drawn to more human subjects, although I still enjoy shooting anything and everything. Photography for me is an endless journey with new things to learn and experiment with every day.

My photography goals are simple: to continue to learn and grow my skills and photographer's eye, to meet new people expanding my network of potential clients, photography subjects, and friends, to enhance the lives of others by taking and sharing photographs for them, and above all else to have fun when behind the camera.


Roger Wong

+64 21 1285236